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Trent Dransfield - President BA, RFC, LPTA, AA, Member CFE, MDRT

Trent has been a Safe Retirement Specialist for the past eighteen years and ran and owned offices in Southern Utah, Northern Utah and Idaho.  He was recognized as #1 fastest growing branch in the United states. Trent is currently a member of the Certified Fraud Examiners and MDRT committee as well as a Registered Financial Consultant.  

Trent has emphasized his practice in 100% Safe Solutions for his clients that he calls "family." He has great passion in further assisting his clients and treating them the way he would like to be treated!  He has earned three different degrees from Universities including the medical field of Physical Therapy where he gained a real importance on really connecting with his patients and now clients.Trent has a beautiful family with seven children and loves life!

MaryEllen Thompson

Office Manager

Camille Jensen

Office Assistant

Andrea Dransfield

Events Specialist

Rosie Erni

Workshop Assistant

Nancy Bennett

Workshop Assistant St. George


It's your choice...

When it comes to understanding your choices of guaranteed product growths, why not let you choose from a variety of assortments that works best for you? Our team simply gives you a free consultation or assesment to further finding out what you are looking for and then provide you with the superior choices in your best interest.



Why not have the best of the best on the team? That's why we are proud to work with great team members that combine their talents with ours.


When it comes to tax questions, we are glad we have these team players that we get to work with in creating a diverse and strong foundation.

Assisted Living and Independent Living Facilities

We love working with the Directors at these facilities to further assist and educate in finding solutions and truly bettering the residents in issues like medicaid spend down and protecting assets. We are honored to be working with great leaders and associates as these throughout the Utah and Idaho regions.

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