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Our team offers finding the absolute highest paying yields through the country and bringing those directly to you at no cost! Why settle for less? Let us assist you in finding the highest and greatest comple safe returns throughout the country with 100% peace of mind... GUARANTEED!

Call Now to find out the highest guaranteed return you would like to earn!


You deserve the best and that is why we carefully sit down and problem solve trategic ways of getting you great solutions.


PREPAID FUNERALS & Protecting assets

Our team has spent numerous years creating the best tailor made savings plans that are tax free for you and your heirs. We also provide estate planning and coaching to look at your current investments and offer a free consultation at your convenience.

How about investing $200,000 and knowing down the road without fail that your money will grow guaranteed at $700,000! Oh yea, did we mention having that tax free growth!



As a broad based Retirement Planning Specilist, we assist in getting you the maximum amout of money to assist you in your retirment planning. For a free consultation please call us. 435-363-7643

Do you know that you can be saving money on prepaying for your funeral? Do you know that you can own an irrevocable funeral trust that will automatically protect you from any nursing home spend down and also allow you complete protection from the government?

We offer a free consultation to sit down or come to your facility to present a free workshop and discuss how you can qualify and save money for you or your loved ones and also have tax free savings!

So call now to find out how you can be saving money for you or your heirs and even assisting (if you are a Director or in Management at a facility) saving and assisting your residents with compliance to issues such as medicaid and tax free power.

Call now to set up a free consultation or workshop! 435 363 7643

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